About me

I love my occupation because I love my homeland – Ukraine!

I am Victoria – a passionate Kiev private tour guide and interpreter in Ukraine.
Proud to be a Ukrainian, deeply interested in the history and traditions of my native country, love the Ukrainians, and happy to share my knowledge with my tourists.
I can’t help admiring one of the most magnificent cities in the world – ancient and eternal Kiev.
That is why the most favorite pastime for me is showing Kiev around to my dear tourists.
Once you get in Kiev it will stay in your heart forever.
You will hardly forget it’s hospitable and heartwarming citizens, various extraordinary architectural masterpieces, green hills and golden domes of the numerous cathedrals and churches.
I can call this city eternal and saint. And I deeply love it.

Here we are! My fresh foto))  Amazing Christmas 2017 garlands in Maryinskii Park.

I was born in a small ancient town in the north of Ukraine.
Happily live in Kiev for the last 10 years.
I am an open minded person and cosmopolitan, always willing to discover the outer world and communicate with the people from other cultures.
Among my hobbies is baking pastry, oil painting, writing articles for my website.
I’m keen on yoga & sports.
I’m a bibliophile. A big fan of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
My passion is caffè latte and milk chocolate.
My obsession is perfumes.
I’m a healthy body fanatic and love spa treatments.
And the best rest for the soul and mind is visiting a theater or live music concert.

To crown it all, these are only some of the facts about me which I am sincerely pleased to share with you. I may tell you more if you need at our personal meeting 🙂

Come to Ukraine and enjoy discovering it with your Best Kiev Guide!