About me


My name is Victoria, I’m a certified Kiev private tour guide, founder and inspirer of www.bestkievguide.com.
Being deeply interested in the history, culture, and traditions of my native country, I’m happy to share this knowledge with my tourists.


Passionate Kiev Tour Guide

I’m deeply in love with ancient and eternal Kiev. Love showing it to tourists, telling about its history, strolling along its streets and parks. Once you visit Kiev – it will stay in your heart forever. You are welcome to choose any of my tours or I can create a tailor-made tour for you.

I am an open minded person and cosmopolitan, always willing to discover the outer world and communicate with the people from other cultures. I find my occupation of Kiev private tour guide exciting, creative, and enjoyable. It gives me a precious opportunity to meet and know so many interesting people. Their stories and lives inspire me, and I’m so happy I’ve met each of them.

My Hobbies, Favorites, Tastes

  • My hobby is my job. It turned out – I don’t have other hobbies as on today:)
  • I’m a bibliophile. The day I learned to read was one of the happiest days in my life.
  • Keen on yoga & sports.
  • Love traveling.
  • My passion is caffè latte and milk chocolate.
  • Enjoy speaking English.
  • Not indifferent to music, theater, and art.
  • Between times paint in oils or water colors

My Tour Guide Certificate


Certificate of Advanced Training


Tour Guide Certificate

State certificate
Issued to Deshko Viktoriia Alexandrovna
Who completed the curriculum of a full-time training program
«Tour Guide with Knowledge of Foreign Languages»
In SE «Institute for Training Human Resources for Industries»
Kyiv 2017
Registration number 96

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