Fairy Landscape Alley in Kiev

Fairy Landscape Alley in Kiev

Landscape Alley in Kiev – is one of the most popular places as for a tourist walk as well for a weekend stroll for Kievans. Children and adults love this place because there are unique sculptures from the fairy tales, beautiful nature and picturesque views on the city panorama. Kievans call it Peizazhna Alley.  As peizazh  is a Ukrainian word for “landscape”.

Magic blue cats and me in the Kiev Landscape Park

It’s not difficult to find the Landscape Alley. It’s located in one of the central areas of Kiev. The park with fairytale characters appeared in 2008. Kiev sculptor Konstantin Skretutskiy filled this place with a new life, he put here fountains, long dark-blue cats-centipedes with wide smiles, benches in the form of fabulous little animals.

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Kiev Peizazhna Alley

Later on, one after another here began to appear new sculptures: on high pedestals of pillows sit angels in nightgowns, multi-colored figures of peeing boys, characters from the “Alice in the Wonderland”, kissing zebras, and a statue of Little Prince with a fox cub. Except for the sculptures and monuments, you will be surprised to see original benches.

kiev-female-tour -guide

One of them seems to be covered with a real plaid and a pillow. Near this bench, you feel like you want to lie on it and have a good sleep after a long walk. The other one is absolutely not a bench but a real swing for a group of friends. The third bench is held by hands which grow right out of the ground.

Other sites of the Landscape Alley are a monument to the rain, different mosaics, a monument to Hryvnya (Ukrainian money) made in the form of a pool, a huge concrete spotlight. The authors of these creations are different sculptors and artists of modernity.

Except for the contemporary art, it is worthy to see an old linden which is nearly 300 years old. And the foundation of the first Christian church of Kievan Rus – the Tithes church. Stairs on a Landscape Alley are one of the eldest in Kiev. The first mentions of its project are dated 1695. At first the stairs were made of stone,  later on, they became wooden on metal struts.

Amazing and unique sculptures, fountains and an unforgettable Kiev city panorama will make the tour along the Landscape Alley extremely enjoyable. Let me create your best itinerary for your unforgetful Kiev private tour!

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