How to attract a Ukrainian girl

How to attract a Ukrainian girl

How to attract a Ukrainian lady

It so happened that I was born in a country where real feminine beauty is not a fairy tale myth. It’s an ordinary fact. Being a woman myself I completely agree with the idea that Ukrainian girls are among the most beautiful in the world. Why so ?…Because I see dozens of them every day of my life ! 🙂 Ukrainian women have been sought for as wives and lovers for centuries and nowadays foreign men continue coming to Ukraine in the hopes of finding a true love they couldn’t find at home. And let’s face the truth: there are hundreds of happy international marriages. Probably, you even know some of such stories or know in person successfully-married-to-a-Ukrainian-lady western men.
Now, let me point out some extremely valuable tips for all the foreign men who are willing to marry a Ukrainian lady and make her the most beloved and desired woman on the Earth.

  • be well-groomed, well-mannered & gallant

There is just an enormous lack of gentlemen among Ukrainian men. Given the demography prevalence of women in Ukraine, Ukrainian men don’t have to try so hard (though many of them really do). Take it as an advantage and go ahead! Impress her!

  • be fit & healthy

I must admit that most of the Western men, especially men after their 50-s, look absolutely stunning as for the men of their age. They try to eat healthily and exercise regularly to stay fit as long as possible. Those who don’t, please start!

  • dress presentable & neat

Unfortunately, I‘ve met many foreign men who were absolutely careless about this really important moment. A sloppy appearance is almost standard in some western countries, but it is generally looked down upon in Ukraine. Of course, your outfit shouldn’t be trendy & fashionable. But it shouldn’t be baggy, oversized & old fashioned as well.

It is also desirable that items of clothes should match in colors, textures & style. There must be no old oily stamps on your clothes, worn-out & shabby footwear; no greasy hair and dirt under the fingernails. I think you already noticed how much attention Ukrainian girls (and men as well, by the way) pay to their outfit. Especially in big cities like Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv etc. So, please be ready not to lose face!

  • be sincere & interested

Make your lady feel comfortable by being honest (as much as you can), share your thoughts, ideas, plans with her. Be interested in her life. I mean – really interested 🙂 Ask her to tell about her hobbies, dreams, plans, aims. What is she fond of? Who are her friends? Does she have sisters or brothers? What music does she listen to? What films and actors does she like? Of course, these are not topics for discussion during the first date, but each next time when you meet her, just try to ask her and listen attentively. She will highly appreciate it, for sure.

  • be persistent, confident & composed

Ukrainian ladies highly evaluate these originally male traits. As, traditionally, they are brought up with the idea that “a husband is a rock”. Our women prefer natural leaders, men who make the decisions. Those who never give up and preserve a sense of dignity in any situation

  • be humorous.

Firstly, it will add charm to your personality. Secondly, it will help you to smooth over misunderstandings of the difference in mentality. Ukrainians rarely smile in public and it’s not because they have no sense of humor, but because they do not usually smile without a reason. In Ukraine, it’s not appropriate to smile to strangers. If a Ukrainian lady meets somebody’s glance, she will usually just look back, but rarely smile. Anyway, come and make sure that Ukrainians are extremely heartwarming and hospitable people once you get to know them closer!

  • don’t seem desperate or preoccupied with sex

Quite often I notice how foreigners desperately wander from one nightclub to another, they obscenely stare at every beautiful girl but generally attract attention only of those who sell their love for one night (you know what I mean). But what about normal girls? “ Are there any normal girls ?” or “Why do they ignore me?!” – complain, foreigners. So please, just realize that for an average normal Ukrainian lady such an impudent and kinky staring is offensive. You may look at her side from time to time and smile. But do not put off the moment of acquaintance to the end of the evening. Be confident, smile, flirt, make jokes and keep that playful look in your eyes!



I am Victoria - a passionate Kiev tour guide. Proud to be a Ukrainian, deeply interested in the history and traditions of my native country, love the Ukrainians, and happy to share my knowledge with my tourists.

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4 comments on “How to attract a Ukrainian girl
  1. Vasile says:

    You have a very honest point of view about foreigners and about women from Ucraine. I am considering to travel to Ukraine and as you said, gems are in villages and towns. My preference will be for traditional typical woman, which are less glamorous and more faithfull to their beliefs. Love is something who can appear instantly, or in time. I will say I am very much atracted to those who keep to preserve their dignity, which makes us humans , not money slaves. In my opinion, to select a woman from a bar is like finding a needle in a pile of straws. I apreciate your blog is very helpfull.

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts here! If any of my articles was useful and informative for you, then I’m happy! And, yes, look more in the small towns and villages)

      • Tom says:

        Thank you for your insight. I have watched most of your videos with keen interest. One concern however – you state that young women are not interested in older men but it seems all 26 to 30 year old women continue to contact me. After talking for a time they wish to come see me in the states and they are paying. I am confused as I cannot find an angle they could be using.

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