Interpreter in Kiev

Interpreter in Kiev

English – Russian/Ukrainian interpreter services

If you are looking for an interpreter in Kiev and good facilitator, look no further!

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Why use an over-priced translation agency if you can have a reasonably priced, personal service provided directly by the Kiev interpreter?

In my work, I place great value on honesty, openness, and mutual respect. Individual approach to every customer helps me to build long-term friendly relationships.

Kiev interpreter

I am a Kiev-based interpreter in Ukraine with 9 years of experience. I have worked at international companies in IT, telecommunication and banking spheres as a personal assistant and English-Ukrainian interpreter. The skills which I acquired at these jobs help me in my occupation as English interpreter in Kiev. I am immensely grateful to my foreign bosses who taught me a lot and who have always been bright examples to be followed in life. Here find some information about me.

English interpreter in Kiev

Kiev becomes more and more popular among the tourists and I’m happy to be a tour guide and Kiev translator for all the newcomers who decide to travel to Ukraine and discover my native homeland. That’s why I’m constantly developing and improving my knowledge in the history and culture of Kiev and Ukraine.

Looking for an interpreter in Ukraine is not a complicated task, as there are a lot of translation agencies, as well as freelance Kiev interpreters. They all do a great job – help foreign tourists communicate with good-natured Ukrainians and discover amazing Ukraine.

Language is a means of communication

The problem of mutual understanding between people who speak different languages is as old as the world: it is enough to remember the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, which people failed to finish because they began to speak in different languages. In the modern world, where borders between countries are erased, and the intensity of international relations increases, this problem has become only acuter.

“How many languages you know – so many times you are a man,” – said a prominent writer Anton Chekhov. It is difficult to doubt the truth of this aphorism. Language is a means of communication. It is needed to transmit information. He who owns the information owns everything. Each of us has heard this phrase. And it becomes particularly relevant in our time. Those who speak foreign languages, of course, own more information.

In my interpreting job, I’m always willing to be adept, well-tuned into all the participants of the conversation. I understand people very well – thanks to my insightful intuition. And I quickly catch the mood and emotions of the participants of the conversation – thanks to my natural emotional intelligence. These traits make me be a good facilitator and a pleasant interlocutor. You see? All that you need to be completely happy in Kiev is ME!

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