Kiev City Guide

Ancient Kiev – Ukrainian capital


Amazing view on Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Amazing and magnificent Kiev (or Kyiv) majestically stands on the picturesque hills of the Dnieper river.

Golden domes of dazzling cathedrals, broad green banks, incredible monumental architecture and heartwarming and beautiful city residents will never leave you indifferent.

Ukrainians have always been proud of their capital. More than one thousand years have passed since the foundation of Kiev, but it’s still same beautiful.

Thousands of tourists come to Kiev every year in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Without a doubt – it’s a magical city, it’s a city with a soul.

Once having visited it, you will always dream of coming back.

It will draw you like a magnet!

The cradle of the East Slavic civilization

According to historical records and results of archeological excavations, the first urban settlements on the territory of the modern Kiev appeared in the 4th century A.D.

And later on, it became the center of gravitation for the creation of the Eastern European States.

Here arose a city, which was not inferior to Rome or Athens, the Old Slavic capital of the new feudal state – Kievan Rus, ancient Kiev.

By the 11th century, it was one of the largest and prosperous centers in the Eastern Europe.

The wealth and political influence of Kiev were associated with the trade. The city stood at the crossroads of international trade routes – the legendary “from the Vikings to the Greeks”, that is from the Baltic to Constantinople and the second largest route – from Regensburg via Prague, Kiev and further to central Asia and Iran.

11-12th centuries are considered to be the most prosperous in the history of Kiev, despite the fact that hard times had already come to the Kievan Rus. The city counts already 50 thousand inhabitants while most of the European capitals reached the limit of 50 thousand inhabitants only in 200-300 years.

Kyiv was one of the largest and most beautiful cities and the capital of one of the strongest world powers at those times. The rapid development of Kyiv was stopped by Tatar-Mongol invasion, in 1240, the city was destroyed and robbed.

Taking into account the ancient historical past of the city, you can imagine what kind of priceless historical, cultural, architectural heritage it possesses.

There are 3736 State Guarded monuments of archeology, history, architecture and town planning, monumental art. Among this quantity 243 monuments have the status of a monument of national importance, including 51 monuments of international importance (as defined by UNESCO).

Aren’t you already convinced, this ancient city is worthy of the tourist’s attention ?!

Do not hesitate, come and learn more about it with your Best Kiev Guide!