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Tour guide – is a person whose duty is to support the tourists, day-trippers, and guests, as well as providing them with the information regarding sightseeing and significant places of the city in a foreign language. Professional private guides say: “The guide can “make” a tour, and can “kill” it with his attitude towards tourists, poor knowledge of the foreign language, and non-punctuality.

To name the exact date of the appearance of the guide profession is almost impossible. In ancient times, people always searched for the best habitats, carrying out numerous moves for many years. Initially at the disposal of royals and other foreign dignitaries were provided special retainers, whose task was not only to acquaint the guests with the urban districts but also to assist during the visits or presence at grand receptions. Currently, this service is very popular among the foreigners who arrived in a new city in order to develop their business or with tourist motives.

A profession of a guide-interpreter requires not only excellent language skills (as well as the knowledge of various dialects) but also a broad outlook, because the guides-interpreters have to answer the most unpredictable questions of tourists.

Each time working with tourists a personal guide has to deal with people of different nationalities, cultural background. The private tour guide must be able to answer any question and to tell with enthusiasm for the hundredth time about the same objects. It can be possible only if he himself enthusiastically learns the history of the country and the city, and is well up in art and architecture. Such traits as kindness, sense of humor are essential for the personal tour guide and, of course, the ability to find a way out of any unpredictable situation.

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