Aristocratic Lipki. Pechersk Mansions Tour

Aristocratic Lipki. Pechersk Mansions Tour

Mansions of Ukrainian tycoons of the 18-20th centuries

Walk over the gorgeous residential estate of Pechersk district with architectural masterpieces of 18-20 centuries.

Duration: 2-2,5 hours

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Aristocratic Lipki keeps many secrets of its former inhabitants. “House with Chimeras” and the house of “Weeping Widow,” “Gingerbread ” and “Chocolate” houses will slightly open you their secrets … Architect Vladislav Gorodetsky is often called the “Ukrainian Gaudi.” You will admire the greatest creation of this talented man –a mystery House with Chimeras. And I will tell you an incredible life story of this great man.

Pechersk district got its name from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.  In the days of the Russian Empire the area was changed into a fortress, first Peter I ringed Lavra with ramparts, and after him, the Emperor Nicholai finished the building of the fortress and extended it to all the modern area – Pechersk. He started the tradition of the aristocracy to live in this place when himself laid the Mariinsky and Klovsky palaces.

What will we see on this tour?

  • The House with Chimeras” – Kiev legend
  • “House of weeping widow”
  • “House-Castle with a Room-Wagon”
  • Luxury of the “Moor”
  • “Chocolate House”
  • “Gingerbread house” or “Pink Castle”
  • The house of the magistrate of Kiev – a valuable sample of neoclassical architecture style in the city early XX century.

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