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Jewish Kiev Tour

Take a walk along Jewish places in Kiev

Duration: 4 hours

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Who was the first of the Jews to appear in Kyiv and when it was – we don’t know now. The most ancient stage of the appearance of Jews on this land is hidden in the depths of centuries. However, it is known that in the 9th century there was a large Jewish settlement under the ramparts in the area of one of the gates to the city.

Jews appeared in Kyiv in pre-Christian times. And the first written document in Hebrew about Kyiv – “The Kyiv Letter” – was written in the first half of the 10th century and is stored now in the library of Cambridge University. 

Initially, the Jews were engaged in trade and later in handicrafts. During the centuries they were several times excluded from the city. Eventually, in 1859, Emperor Alexander II allowed Jews – merchants of the 1st guild and other foreigners to live and trade outside the boundary of the settled area, which launched the beginning of the most fruitful stage of Jewish life in Kyiv.

On the tour, we will see all the significant and remarkable sites of the Jewish Heritage in Kyiv. And we will definitely visit Babi Yar, a ragged ravine on the outskirts of Kyiv, where more than a hundred thousand people – and nearly 34 thousand Jews in two days – were annihilated by the Nazis at the beginning of the Second World War.