One Day Kiev Tour

One Day Kiev Tour

Spend a day with me, and I’ll give you Kiev

Duration: up to 7 hours

Price: $120

Mob/Viber/WApp: +380932104206


“There is no city in the world that is more beautiful than Kiev.” These are words of a prominent Ukrainian writer, the author of the mystiс novel of the 20th century “Master and Margarita” Mikhail Bulgakov. It’s hard to say exactly what makes it so unique: ancient golden-domed cathedrals, magnificent architecture, green hills and blooming chestnut trees in spring or beautiful and hospitable citizens. Anyway, it is for sure one of the places in the world that must be visited at least once in a life.

Let me customize a perfect day!

It goes without saying, you want your visit to Kiev to be perfect.
And surely you may wonder how to get organized, how much to program, and what to see and do.
My pleasure will be to plan a private Kiev tour all for you.
I will customize your day according to your interests.
And on the big day, a private Kiev guide will be with you at all times.
No worries. Just relax.

Highlights recommended to see:

  • St Volodymyr’s Cathedral – the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchy
  •  National Opera House of Ukraine
  • Golden Gate with the Church of the Annunciation on top of it – the main ancient entrance to Kiev
  •  Castle of a Baron
  • House of Actor – a former Karaite synagogue
  • Some of the Kiev murals
  • St. Sophia’s Cathedral UNESCO World Heritage Site since 10th century
  • St.Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery Orthodox temple since 1108
  • Old Kiev Hill with ramparts and contours of basement of the first stone Christian church, the Tithe Church
  • Saint Andrew’s Church – amazing Baroque church constructed in 1747–1754
  • Historic Podil area
  • Andriyivskyy Descent – “Kiev Montmartre” Street
  • Landscape Alley with whimsical sculptures
  • Castle of Richard the Lionheart
  • We will walk along the main Kiev Street – Kreschatik and Independence Square (Maidan)
  • At the Alley of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, I will tell you all about the bloody events – Mass shootings of members of Euromaidan – which happened in December 2013- February 2014.
  • House with Chimaeras, an Art Nouveau mansion built 100 years ago.  I will tell you interesting facts about the owner and architect Vladislav Gorodetsky
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • We may have a ride in the deepest metro station in Europe – “Arsenalna” (depth of laying is 105.5 m) or see metro station “Golden Gates” which is in the list of top15 the most beautiful metro stations in the world. On the vaults of passes to the platform, you will see mosaic images of princes of Kievan Rus, churches of Kiev.


  • Transportation to & from the tour. Though a private car service is also available on request at an additional pay.
  • Food and drink, lunch. Certainly, I will give you insider’s tips for a good place for lunch. And it’s absolutely your choice whether to treat your guide to dinner or not.

Why take this tour

  • You get to do more. As this full day tour is an extended version of the half day Kiev tour with a more leisurely pace, longer visits to the main sights, and of course more sites to cover
  • Your program in this Kiev private tour will be all tailored to you
  • You will discover Kiev in the company of an engaging, dependable local
  • We meet and start the tour wherever it is convenient to you. I design the tour from any venue
  • You pick the start time of the Kiev tour
  • The tour ends where you request. I will look after you all the way
  • No advanced payment required.Cash pay after the tour

Please note

  • Kiev tour routes can be changed according to your requirements and wishes. We can replace some spots with those you personally interested in more, e.g. WWII Memorial complex, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Mariinsky park, Memorial to Holodomor victims, Arc of friendship, etc. All these sites are located a bit far from the city center area, we may get there either by taxi (Uber) or public transport.
  • You almost do not need transport to get acquainted with the main sights of Kiev. But what you really need are very sturdy legs. Exactly they will be the primary means of transportation during your Kiev city tour along the central historical part of Kiev, which abounds with sites.
  • Entrance fees which are expected in the tour: entrance to St.Sophia Cathedral – 80 UAH (3$) per person; entrance to the National Kiev-Pechersk Historic-Cultural Preserve – 25 UAH (0,99 USD) per person.

Amazing Kiev is waiting for you with your BestKievGuide!