Kiev Street Art Tour

Prodigious Kyiv Murals and Awesome Sculptures.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Type of tour: Walking Tour

Discover Kyiv buildings with top-notch street art.

Do you agree that looking for street art is a fun way to get to know a new city? Let’s have a walk along narrow central streets and see awesome Kyiv murals!

The murals have appeared on the outer walls of Kyiv buildings within the last 5 years. Some people consider them real works of art, and others criticize and call them a provincial art. Nevertheless, these amazing paintings have already become an integral part of the Kyiv scenery.

On the way of the route aside from the Kyiv murals, we will see interesting things like fanciful  sculptures, uncommon benches, lovely installations, 400 year old oak tree, yard with ravens long-livers and more.

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