Kyiv Hidden Energies Tour

The Most Powerful Kyiv Spots

Explore powerful energetic spots of ancient Kyiv.

Duration: 3 hours
Type of tour: walking tour

EUR 50 for 1 person
EUR 60 for 2 people
* Each extra hour EUR 15

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Tel./Viber: +380932104206


Kyiv ancient spiritual fields to maximize your energy stores.

Just like we have our own energy centers, Mother Earth also has hers. Thousands years ago, human beings were connected to nature, to the earth, and the sky. Their knowledge was intuitive and could easily feel the energy. Our ancestors knew that some places on earth have special powerful vibrations and that the high level of energy of these places was like food for their souls.

I am happy to present you my author’s tour – Hidden Energies: The Most Powerful Kyiv Spots.

On this tour, I’ll take you to the powerful energetic spots of ancient Kyiv. Organic spiritual areas and temples where you will maximize your energy stores and receive answers on the long-asked questions. The places are located in the Old Town area, so no worries about long distance trips around the city.

I can assure you that in Kyiv you may experience the lovely powerful energies. We wind our way through the routes of Kyiv vortices and you will bathe in the concentrated energy yourself. And whether you notice, or don’t notice, the vibrations when you walk there will charge your soul, maximize your energy stores, and make you feel peace. And to consolidate the effect of this unusual tour, we finish it in a ..magic bar sipping magic drinks that help attract love, money, and health.

Intrigued?! Thrilled?! There’s no time like the present to book this tour!