Situation with Coronavirus in Ukraine

This post will be updated daily.

  • To prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection Covid-19 Ukraine will suspend all passenger flights starting March 17 and close its borders from March 15 for foreign citizens for a period of two weeks.
  • Update March 31. So far the country has 548 confirmed coronavirus cases. 13 of the infected have died. 6 people have recovered.
  • Starting from March 12 until April 24 Ukraine introduces a nationwide quarantine. 
  • Kyiv closes all its schools, nurseries, and universities. Cafes, bars, night clubs, gyms, shopping malls, beauty salons, movie theaters, museums, theatres are shut down as well.
  • Mass events with more than 200 expected participants are banned. 
  • Sporting events like matches can be held but without spectators.
  • Public transport in Kyiv: metro is shut down.

Keep Calm and Stay Safe!

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