Victims of Ukrainian Brides Scam: Whom To Blame?

 Ukrainian Brides Scam: Whom To Blame?

To be scammed or Not to be scammed in Ukraine?


Before starting this article I had browsed this topic on the internet and found just a huge number of discussions and complaints from the Europeans and US citizens. In many discussions Ukrainian women are described as monsters who dream of only one thing: how to trick and cheat naive foreigners.

Let’s have a look at this problem at greater length and try to figure out whether the devil is that black painted? And whom to blame after all.

Do you know what was the most ridiculous thing to read on those chats and forums of victims? Dozens of stories about a foreign groom who describes in details how he was cheated …7…8 and more times. Can you believe it? To be deliberately cheated so many times in a row! You remember this sad internet romance of a 62-year-old Stephen, from Texas?

Attention! Pretty Scammers

Frankly speaking, I should assume that some of these victims“ simply enjoy playing this tricky game. I had a client who was searching for a Ukrainian wife for many years, coming to Ukraine once or twice a year. Once he appealed to one of the dozens of marriage agencies in Kiev and after a couple of dates with the lady and the agency’s interpreter, he quickly realized that the two ladies were scammers.

It was not difficult to expose them. Firstly, because the lady refused to give any of her personal contacts even after the second date and the only way to see her next time was to address the agency and to pay again. Secondly, the agency let the man meet with the lady only under the condition that she would be accompanied by their own interpreter. The argument that he already had his own reliable interpreter with cheaper rates didn’t work (in this type of scam the two girls simply split the“ interpreter’s fees”).


But can you imagine my astonishment when the man, being in sound mind and capacity, told me that, despite the revealed scam, he wanted to continue seeing that lady on those scamming conditions. Of course, those dates didn’t last long and in a couple of weeks, he quit the silly idea.

Most of the pitfalls of scamming agencies or scamming women you can simply avoid. Let’s face the truth, there are always scams in life and especially in the arena of romance. It’s been that way since the beginning of time and will remain that way until the end. The trick is to be able to navigate the treacherous waters.

The Ukrainian brides safari

I always wondered, why do so many foreigners come to search a Ukrainian wife in a group? When one needs to purchase a car or a house, he doesn’t go search it in a group. Why should it be correct to do when searching for a spouse? These men start scamming themselves when choosing a wife in a catalog of the marriage agency, then why blame on others. Do you honestly believe you can buy a wife over the internet? Do you think Ukrainian women are so desperate, that they will leave their families, parents, career, come halfway around the world, and marry the man they have never met, or met with him a couple of times, crowded by dozens of strangers, during that brief-bride-safari-tour? 


There are good and bad people involved on both sides. There are many foreign men who simply go on sex tours to Ukraine and in this case, Ukrainian women can be victimized by the foreign bride industry. There are also a lot of men who are pro-daters themselves. They flirt online but never come to the arranged meetings. And after a couple of such unpleasant situations, many good women get discouraged and disappointed. As the fact is, there really are sincere, lovely, care ladies in Ukraine or Russia, who truly want to meet a romantic, gentle and faithful foreign man.

In pursuit of happiness

Despite all the dangers, scams, disappointments, many foreign men successfully find Ukrainian spouses and both sides are satisfied with their choice. I may also give you some advice, follow them and you will be blessed to be with a Ukrainian woman!

  • While registering a matchmaking or marriage agency check everything thoroughly, read up on their clients’ experience before getting in too deep. Browse the forums, chats. Experienced grooms have a lot of valuable information to share. Listen, read, think, analyze.
  • Come and live in Ukraine at least for several months. Read my article How to attract a Ukrainian girl and find out some valuable tips from there.
  • Learn the Ukrainian language, discover culture and traditions, travel all over the country, visit small towns and villages – the real diamonds are usually hidden deeply.
  • Hire a reliable Kiev private guide at the beginning of your stay. A local friendly guide who will show you the city gems and while walking around Kiev city tours will tell you in private a lot about its citizens, culture, and traditions.
  • Enjoy each moment while staying in Ukraine, find friends, socialize, take care of yourself, eat healthily, exercise and…hopefully find your love. It will be much easier than you even think, Ukrainians are friendly and hospitable people.


3 thoughts on “Victims of Ukrainian Brides Scam: Whom To Blame?”

  1. These amusement seekers eventually get what they deserve, I guess)) Some of my acquaintances have got into similar mess, I was laughing when they were telling me the whole staff )) The schemes vary so much)

  2. The ONLY thing you need to do to avoid scam and save your money/time is to actually look for dating services with scam protection. As simple as that!

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