About Ukrainian Marriage Agencies in Questions and Answers

About Ukrainian Marriage Agencies in Questions and Answers

Bridegrooms want to know!

Disclaimer: While you are reading this article, I would like to ask you not to accept it as a promoting content of a marriage or dating agency. I would kindly ask you not to write me letters regarding matchmaking services, etc. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Very often I receive questions concerning marriage agencies in Ukraine. I personally have never cooperated with any marriage agency, I provide Kiev private tours, but long before that in my students years I sometimes had freelance interpreting work. Typically marriage agencies have their own translators in the staff. My customers somehow managed to make me represent their interests as an interpreter at dates. I decided to write this post to shed light on this exciting for foreign bridegrooms topic.

Fake or Real Bride

You ask: I have found many women on different dating websites who want to marry a foreigner. How do I know which girl is real and which one is fake?
My answer: First of all, I’d like to mention that there are a lot of unscrupulous dating agencies nowadays in Ukraine and Russia. But I guess, you surmised it. The agencies which have been created with one aim to earn on foreigners captivated by the beauty of Slavic women. But of course, they are those who are taking this business more seriously.

It’s not a secret that the economic situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired. And people quickly realized that the beauty of the Ukrainian women attracts foreign men to the country, these men spend fortunes on women here, so why not make a profit of it.

There are cases when foreign bridegrooms happily married Ukrainian/Russian women. And to my mind, there is nothing special in it. All around the world people of different nations and races meet and create international marriages. We know a lot of celebrities of different races who married, we can see such couples on the streets of any country. And this is a natural process, the two met, fell in love, and created a family.

So when it comes to the marriage of Slavic women with foreign men I do not take this as something unusual and incredible. For example, while traveling and flying through Dubai I very often see Slavic women in Arabian or Muslim paranja, niqab, hijab. These women married Arabian and Muslim men on personal grounds and on their own free will.

If this union happened naturally that’s perfect. If with the help of the marriage agency – that’s great! That means the bridegroom might be happy without bothering if he had spent a fortune on this acquaintance or not.

As for the fact if the girls are real or fake, well, they may be real, may be fake. The real girls very often just earn money from the agency. They are paid for giving their photos for the website and also for the dates with foreigners. If they finally meet with a client-bridegroom their task is to humbug as more money as they can out of the bridegroom, captivated by the beauty of Slavic women.

A Fake Date

First of all, the bridegroom pays the agency for the acquaintance and the real meeting with the girl whom he has chosen. Then at the date, the girl comes with an interpreter from the same agency, whose rates are twice higher than the rates of freelance interpreters. By the way, after the date, the two girls split this money. The girls usually choose the most luxurious or trendy restaurant in the city and order far from simple and cheap dishes and drinks. Sometimes they also receive kickbacks from the restaurant for ordering expensive drinks.

When the meeting is finished the girls ask the bridegroom to give them money for the taxi to get home. In this case, the man can give them the money either in hands, and the girls also split this money, because obviously, they use the subway or public transport to get home. Or if he insists on paying the taxi driver himself, the girls call the taxi driver who is their accomplice, and in this case the rate of the drive increases. After the date if the man wants to meet again the girl-bride doesn’t give him her contacts, she offers to meet in the same company and under the same conditions. How many times these dates will continue depends on the bridegroom.

The fake girls are usual girls/women with a good knowledge of English who sit on the opposite side of the screen and mail with the clients-bridegrooms. It’s like a usual office job for them. The man looks at the pretty girl in the photos, thinking he is mailing with this beauty.

A Hidden Beauty – Show Up

You ask: Most of the girls are not open to come on a video call. They only text on whats app ..a few rare messages, so it makes things all more difficult. I cannot simply buy a ticket and fly to Ukraine just because someone has sent me an email or texted me on whats app.
The answer to this question follows from the previous one. They do not come to a video-call because they are not those people whom you see on the screen of your laptop. Also, it may be a part of the tactic of the agencies to allure the foreigner to Ukraine/Russia, and then to trick out of his money here. There are cases when these girls have boyfriends/husbands who do not know about this job of their women. And the women may answer only when being far from husbands/boyfriends/kids at some special hours.

Age Difference

You ask: Most of the girls are around 25 but they say they don’t mind marrying a 50 years old man. Why is that so? Is that true?
My answer: No, of course not. Young pretty girls are not interested in marrying a 50+-year-old man unless you are a Rothschild 🙂 It’s a joke but you know there is a grain of truth in every joke. Young girls of any nation and race all over the world sometimes agree to marry elderly millionaires and billionaires because of their wealth. We all observe it pretty often. And Ukrainian/Russian women are not exceptions in this case.
As for the preferences of Ukrainian women, we like handsome men. A man who is tall, strapper, broad-shouldered, masculine with likable face features, and a kind smile. Each normal girl/woman tends to be in relations with a good looking man, even if he earns not millions, he may be a usual manager with some average salary. It’s not a big problem for Ukrainian women, many of them, especially in big cities are smart, industrious, and hard-working and may earn money themselves.

So when it comes to this question, there is no absolute answer. But I really never heard from young girls (under 25) that they would be happy to live in marriage with elderly men, regardless of his nationality, race, and even social status.

A Ukrainian Wife = A Dream Wife

Summing it all up, I’d like to encourage all foreign men who have a great desire to tie up their lives with Ukrainian and Russian women. Search, meet, try, stumble, try again, never give up. First of all, we are women, we are the bearers of humankind, and, yes, we love men regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, and other different things.
What I can advise, come to Kiev, you should see with your own eyes that Ukrainian women are beautiful, practically all of them which you see on the streets will seem models to you. After your first familiarization visit, you may plan your next trip to Kiev but for a longer time.

I recommend finding an opportunity to stay in Kiev for 3 weeks and better even more for 1-6 months. You may rent an apartment to live in, it’s surely cheaper than a hotel. Taking into consideration the currency rate difference, you may find living in Kiev so comfortable. For the first time, you may contact a private guide in Kiev, a friendly person who will give you the most necessary advice on living like a local.

Dive into Kiev life, in May and the whole summer it’s absolutely fantastic! In the daytime, you may visit some city beaches, at night plunge into the exciting Kiev nightlife. You may meet with girls anywhere, in the shopping malls, as Ukrainian girls adore trends and fashion and they spend much time shopping; in the parks; in the coffee shops; in the art exhibitions, cultural places like theater, movie theater, etc. Who knows where you meet your Ukrainian wife, it may happen even during your first visit.

Just be relaxed, enjoy each moment, be communicative, socialize, do not be afraid, Kievans are friendly. Do not be obtrusive, Ukrainian girls don’t like it, if you acquainted with a girl but she is not showing interest, leave her with a smile, you will definitely find another pretty one just around the corner.

Good luck to you!


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10 thoughts on “About Ukrainian Marriage Agencies in Questions and Answers”

  1. Hello Victoria,
    My name is Michael J. Butler I have been to Ukraine many times to Odessa and Kiev. I founder and owner of a technology and Software company in USA so I travail to the Ukraine to work with Ukrainian programers & developers.
    After traveling to Ukraine many times I decided to go through a marriage agency and find a nice Ukrainian wife. I was in Kiev the last 3 weeks and just returned. I sated a the Intercontinental hotel, near center city. I had a great time wonderful food and met great people.
    but the match maker I had was not the best. I had dates that did not show up. I had a few days where I could not get in touch with my matchmaker. Could you help me find a very good match maker that you would recommend to me. I plan on coming to Kiev for 2 months this summer to have time to develop a good relationship with a lady for marriage. I am very serous on finding my soul mate in Ukraine I just need your help with some subjections on who can help me a matchmaker or marriage agency. About my self: About me:
    I am a very kind and loving man with a big heart who respects woman. I have a very positive outlook on life I am a very happy person who love life and all that it has to offer. I enjoy laughter and spending time with family and friends.
    I am also very driven. I like to achieve and work hard towards my goals. At this time in my life I desire to have a loving wife that can be my best friend and a live long partner. To share our life’s to gather and Have a family together.
    My friends would describe me has very positive person who is upbeat and always happy. I am also someone who tries to help others. One of the most important thing about me is I will be a wonderful Husband and a great Farther.
    Age: 45
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    City: San Francisco, CA
    Country: USA
    Thank you so much Victoria for your help. I am greatly appreciate any help you can do for me. once again Thank you.

  2. hello Victoria

    I don’t know how far you are from Donetsk, but I am trying to find an e-mail address for a restaurant there. is there any chance you could help? I did google it, but did not see it in the answer.

    thank you very much, even if you can not help. I wish you a good day and pleasant day.


  3. Hi Victoria,

    I stumbled upon your page randomly.
    I am a 50 years old Black man, multilingual and higly cultured.
    I live and work in London, UK.
    Stable job with a major airline.
    I have been to Kiev, Ukraine once and for one week to meet a Ukrainian lady thought marriage agency called and it was scam.
    I am now corresponding with ladies through an agency based in Nikolaev.
    Can you please, contact me at my private email and recommend a serious matchmaker or marriage agency?



  4. Hello Victoria.. my name is Ihab, first, I need to thank you for your fruitful advices.
    Second, I will visit Ukraine for the first time next week, the purpose to be there is to meet new people for starting a serious relationship ends with marriage.
    I am from Egypt working as a promotion manager and also I am a music composer.
    I am very serious to find my soulmate and to build a strong family in Egypt..
    it will be very appreciated Victoria if you can help me to find the right direction, or the right serious agency to meet my match partner.

    Thank you


  5. Hello Victoria,

    I stumbled upon your page randomly while looking for Ukrainian dating websites.

    I am looking for serious Muslim dating website if they are available.

    Do you think you can help me with that, of course I will have to compensate you for your help.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks

  6. Absolutely awesome article with good detail.
    If I need to clarify a few more things about the cases. How can I contact you?

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