Darnytskyi district

Darnytsia is one of the 3 districts of the left bank of the city. During the 9th century, Darnytsia was an important center of the Kievan Rus, where ambassadors and delegations from other powers were housed while waiting for the reception to the Grand Prince to offer gifts. This gave the area its name Darnytsia (derived from old Slavonic -“dar”, meaning -“gift”).

In this area is concentrated a significant economic potential of the city – a variety of industrial enterprises, a large railway hub, construction industry, public utility system, transport companies.

Metro stations:

  • Line 3«Slavutych»
  • Line 3«Osokorky»
  • Line 3«Poznjaky»
  • Line 3«Harkivska»
  • Line 3«Vyrlytsia»
  • Line 3«Boryspilska»
  • Line 3«Chervonyj hutir»