Kiev Parks with Spectacular Scenery

Kiev Parks with Spectacular Scenery

Traditionally, tourist routes run through the center of Kiev, and the outskirts remain out of tourists sight: it’s widely thought that there is nothing interesting there. But this is not true. There are interesting places even in the sleeping areas and suburbs. Tour guides usually don’t take these routes, but the beauty and history of the places, are worthy of attention. One of these areas in Kiev is Holosiivo on the southern edge of the city. So if you stay in the capital of Ukraine for several days, don’t hesitate to include this tour into the list of your planned Kiev tours. You will never regret it.

The best of all would be to start a walk from the area of Holy Protection of Theotokos Holosiivskyi Monastery (Holosiivska Desert, since the 17th century), then have a walk in the Holosiivskyi National Nature Park, and take after that to the Kitaevskaya desert.

Holosiivskyi National Nature Park

Holosiivo is a huge dense forest with a lot of secrets. The area of this park is more than 4500 hectares and a walk in it may take the whole day. But even so you will hardly manage to see all the beauty of the national nature park – you will definitely have to come back again and you can be sure, you will certainly probably want it.
Holosiivskyi National Nature Park is the only national natural park in Ukraine located in the city area. There are only a few examples in the world (national parks in Stockholm, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi).The territory of the park and its adjoining areas have an interesting historical past. Here were found the remains of settlements of the Scythian era, the Bronze Age, the Early-Iron Age, some ancient Old Russian settlements. Thirteen 400-500-year-old oaks in the Holosiivskyi Park received the status of botanical natural landmarks of local property.

Holy Protection of Theotokos Holosiivskyi Monastery
Desert_ Holosiivskakiev-guide-interpreter
The territory of the Monastery is very neat and wee-kept.
Picturesque views of the lakes.
It’s so calm and peaceful here.
Miraculous spring font is located in the deep shadow of the trees, not far from the lakes.

Orthodox believers and fans of cold affusions get naked, and cross themselves, and dive in headfirst into the cold spring water. Old-timers bathers consider this water healing.
Sadly to mention, but not always Holosiivska Desert looked like an earthly paradise … In the Soviet period of history, all its temples and buildings were destroyed, except for the house of the Kiev Metropolitan. Three monastic priests met their martyr’s death for Christ.

There are so many people, pilgrims in the renewed and revived men’s abode nowadays. It’s no wonder because people have heard a lot of the beauty of the monastery, its pleasant atmosphere, as well as of the saints who glorified the monastery.

How to get there: Kiev, Polkovnika Zatevakhina Str, 14 Holy Protection of Theotokos Holosiivskyi Monastery
Opening hours: you can visit Holosiivska Desert at any time. Divine services are held daily in the church.

Kitaevo or Kitaevskaya desert

The history of Kitaevo dates back to 1100, here was built the town-fortress Peresechin. The settlement was protected from the northwest by a moat and a rampart, and on the other sides by water. But it didn’t shield from the invasion of the Tatar-Mongol hordes and now we can only see a very small part of the remains of the ruined fortifications.

There are many sacred objects on the territory of Kitaevo: miraculous images if saints, relics of saints, arks with relics of saints, as well as burial places of monks. Besides, it is possible to visit such religious institutions as the Holy Trinity Monastery or as it was previously called – Kitaevskaya Desert (worship services are performed every day), the Church of the Holy 12 Apostles, the Church of Seraphim of Sarov and the cave temple of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin.

Magnificent view of the Holy Trinity Monastery from one of the paths by the lake.
Holy Trinity Monastery
The beautiful cascade of picturesque Kitaev ponds.

The area is located on the peninsula and here you can see the true nature in all its glory. It’s not that easy to find untouched nature within the city area, but here everything is genuine, even beaten paths along the ponds and a family of wild ducks on one of the lakes, which are absolutely unconcerned. There are a lot of fish in the ponds, and if you go a little deeper into the territory, you can meet a heron and not one.

It is worth to come and walk alone – to settle nerves in our tumultuous time will not be superfluous.
kitaevo pondskiev-guided-tours
Deep into the lakes extend special bridges.

Kitaevskaya desert is a perfect place for a solitary date. At least because it’s not crowded. A dense park and shady paths will reliably hide from prying eyes your timid hands holding. If you want to sunbathe, eat sandwiches and admire the beautiful scenery – come here. There is a picturesque meadow in this area.

Kitaevo is one of the most beautiful places in Kiev. Believe it or not, there is no feeling of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, although the area is located in the city. And don’t forget to put on comfortable shoes. Kitaevskaya desert is located on wooded Dnieper hills, and there are not many concrete paths here.

How to get there: Kiev, Kitaevskaya Str.15, nearest metro stations Lybidska, Vydubitchi
Opening hours: you can visit Kitaevskaya desert at any time. Divine services are held daily in the church.

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