Mezhyhirya Residence Tour

Museum of Corruption in Kyiv

Tour to Mezhyhirya Residence or President’s Palace – the former residence of Viktor Yanukovych, a president of Ukraine in 2010-2014.

Have you ever heard of a Museum of Corruption?
I bet you never did.
And you can have this experience only in Ukraine!
Most likely you have heard of the notorious ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich and his ‘Palace’ in his private estate Mezhyhirya.
It is only in Kyiv you have an opportunity to visit a private property and of the former president of the country.

The episode about Mezhyhirya residence by travel show “Orel and Reshka”

Visiting Mezhyhirya residence will definitely impress you and let you experience conflicting feelings. The total area of the sumptuous grounds – 140 hectares, which today is a national park and is open to all visitors. 

Anyone, both Ukrainian and foreign guests, can take an excursion to Mezhyhirya and with their own eyes see how corrupt the Yanukovych regime was. Spending more than $1 billion to create all that, he didn’t pay a penny out of his own pocket. Everything was bought and built on the money of taxpayers of Ukraine.

Let’s discover more about the contemporary history of Ukraine on a private tour to Mezhyhirya estate.
See how power and big money can affect a person.
An expert Kyiv tour guide will answer all your questions during the tour and tell you the most interesting facts about the place.

What is available for visiting in Mezhyhirya residence:

  • The house where Yanukovych lived – “Honka” house
  • Houseboat  “Galleon” – house on the water on the shore of the Kyiv Sea
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • Zoo and farm 
  • Ostrich farm and pheasant collection
  • Garage with vintage retro cars (70 pieces of equipment)
  • Helipad
  • Dog training center (9 rare dog breeds)
  • The guest house – known to everyone as “Putin’s house”

Information on Mezhyhirya tour:

Mezhyhirya is located 25 km (16 miles) away from Kyiv Downtown.
The tour duration can vary, usually, it’s about 4-5 hours.
The price is calculated based on a number of people, places to be visited in Mezhyhirya, type of vehicle for transfer (car or minivan).

Fees on the territory of Mezhyhirya:

– Entrance fee to the park (150 UAH / 5 euro per person)
– Honka entrance and 1.5-hour tour (500 UAH / 17 euro per person) cash
– Museum of Retro cars admission (50 UAH / 2 euro per person) cash
– Electric car 1-hour tour (150 UAH / 5 euro per person) cash
– Dog training center admission (50 UAH / 2 euro per person) cash

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