Soviet Kyiv Tour

Explore Soviet-era architectural legacy in Kyiv

Duration: 3-3,5 hours
Type of tour: Walking tour
*After 3 hours, each additional hour of the private guide services is €25.
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Tour for real architecture lovers!

While Kyiv is famous for its original 11-18 century buildings, there are numerous constructions of the Soviet-era times. It’s none of a secret, Kyiv was the third most important city of the USSR after Moscow and Leningrad. It was the capital of Soviet Ukraine for 70 years.

What architectural legacy have the Soviets left throughout the Ukrainian capital? On the Soviet Kyiv tour, under the guidance of the personal Kiev tour guide, you will discover the most iconic constructions of Soviet-era times.

VDNH in Kyiv

Monsters of Soviet Brutalism architecrture in Kyiv

After Great Britain, brutalism was established in Europe, America, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and the Soviet Union, although with peculiar features that manifested themselves exclusively in the USSR. No wonder that brutalism was picked up by Soviet architects, as it perfectly combined with the ideology of developed socialism.

However, unlike the British style, where the use of unrefined concrete as a symbol of the “honesty” of the material was at the forefront, the USSR was characterized by mixed brutalism. Let’s explore the iconic examples of Kyiv’s brutalist architecture on this private guided city tour!

Soviet brutalism architecture in Kyiv

Some of the interesting facts about Soviet Kyiv that you will discover:

  • Is it possibile that Soviet architectural buildings and sculptures may soon disappear from Kyiv landscape?
  • Incredible project of Soviet engineering of 1960s – the deepest metro station in the world “Arsenalna”;
  • Circles of hell of the Soviet bureaucracy in the design process of major buildings of Ukrainian capital;
  • Captivating story about the futuristic Soviet hotel “Salut” that locals call ‘grenade’, and how dramatically the Soviet architects had changed itd original project;

There is no doubt that architecture lovers will highly appreciate this tour.

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