Soviet Kyiv Tour

Explore Soviet-era architectural legacy in Kyiv

Duration: this tour is flexible in time.
Type of tour: Walking tour

While Kyiv is famous for its original 11-18 century sites, there are still numerous constructions of the Soviet era. It’s none of a secret, Kyiv was the third important city of the Soviet Union after Moscow and Leningrad. Thus, the Soviet government left its architectural legacy throughout the whole city.

During the Soviet Kyiv tour under the guidance of the Kyiv private guide, you will discover the most impressive and grand constructions of the Soviet era.

Some of the interesting facts about Soviet Kyiv that you will discover:

  • Where and when in Soviet Kyiv was built the first skyscraper;
  • The story about a Soviet monument construction that was built as a sign of friendship of nations but in modern days it has lost its original meaning;
  • How was constructed the deepest metro station in the world “Arsenalna” by Soviet engineers;
  • See the Monument to the Soviet workers, defenders of the gun factory “Arsenal” (1918) and discover the story why they are considered traitors of Ukraine in modern times.
  • Find out which futuristic Soviet hotel locals call ‘Grenade’;
  • Visit the iconic Soviet Motherland Monument and hear an interesting story of the planning and construction of this impressive monument.

When it comes to having meals during this tour I will definitely take you to the Soviet-style restaurant with the interior and dishes of Soviet times.

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