Virtual Kyiv Tours

Old Town of Kyiv – Virtual Private Tour

Explore the highlights of the Old Town of Kyiv from the comfort of your couch!

If you had to cancel a trip to the capital of Ukraine because of lockdowns but it’s on your bucket list, it may be a while until you can travel again. In the meantime, get the Virtual Guided Tour and see what to expect from this trip in the future!

On this tour, I will lead you in real-time via live streaming through the Old Town of Kyiv – a spiritual center of the city. Your knowledgeable Kyiv local guide will tell you about the historical significance of these places.

Share with you the local stories about the objects, and answer any questions you may have. The virtual real-time streaming tour is a different experience from an offline Kyiv walking tour. Through the magic of technology, you will travel to the Old Town of the Ukrainian capital from the comfort of your own home.

Victoria – Private Tour Guide in Kyiv

Virtual tour of Kyiv itinerary :

  • You will explore the main medieval attractions of the Old Town Kyiv area: Golden Gate, St.Sophia Cathedral, St.Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, St.Andrew’s Church, Andryiivskyi Descent, and interesting street art objects – all from the screen of your computer or smartphone.
  • For any questions you might have, there’s a live Q&A talk with your private guide during the tour.

By the end of the tour you will know: 

  • why Golden Gate is called so, although it had never been gilded; 
  • who was that famous Kyiv prince that historians call “father-in-law of Europe” and who married one of his daughters to a French King; 
  • how the iconic St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral became a touching place for Kyivans in modern times;
  • the miracle of the «inviolable wall» of Virgin Orans of the 1000 years standing St.Sophia Cathedral; 
  • what incredible love story stands behind the construction of the St.Andrew’s Church;

Details of the virtual tour:

  • This is a live streaming walking tour, not a pre-recorded one.
  • The tour is available in the time slot – 5.30 pm of EEST and I will adapt to any timing that is comfortable for you within this time slot.
  • I would ask your internet speed to allow video.
  • No special application or registration is required. 

By booking this tour I will send you a present – the extended version of my author’s guide “Ultimate Kyiv in Day Itinerary + Map and Tips” (in PDF format) with the list of recommended places to eat.

I encourage you to pour one of your favorite drinks and we’ll spend some time along the tour connecting together around the Old Town of Kyiv. Cheers!

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