Orientation Kyiv Tour for Newcomers

Guided Orientation Tour of Kyiv for Expats

Duration: upon request
Type of tour: walking or by car

Obviously, moving countries and working remotely or in international branch offices sounds like a fascinating lifestyle though can be a time and energy-consuming process. Now you have moved to the Ukrainian capital and most likely you have millions of questions about Kyiv. For that, I have the Orientation Kyiv Tour for Newcomers for you. Let me help you!

What kind of questions do I usually get from newcomers or potential expats?

  • What is the best location/neighborhood to live in Kyiv?
  • Are there dangerous parts of Kyiv that should be avoided?
  • What is local food in Kyiv?
  • What is the cost of living in Kyiv?
  • What is family life like in Kyiv?
  • What’s going on politically in Kyiv these days?
  • What are things to do in Kyiv on weekends?

On this orientation tour of Kyiv, you will receive the answers to these questions and many more. Surely, you decide the timing and duration of the tour, I plan the tour program accordingly. Prior to the tour day, I will be glad to get in touch with you via phone or email and get the details regarding your personal issue and the help you might need from me. So that I could make a good plan of how I can be helpful to you.

In this orientation tour of Kyiv, I will gladly introduce you to the local culture and traditions. Not to mention, I will tell you about the major historical and political events in Ukrainian history so that you understand Ukrainian mentality and background more.

I will give you an insider’s take on life in Kyiv from a local perspective and in light of the current situation in the country. My pleasure will be to show you the best local places to eat and hang out in the neighborhood of your stay so that you could enjoy living in Kyiv as a local to the full.

Based on the fact that I have been working with foreign tourists as a Kyiv tour guide for the past 6 years I have great experience in communicating with people from different cultures and nationalities. Just check the reviews that my former guests have left for my tours on TripAdvisor. I certainly know how I can be helpful to you. Do not hesitate and entrust your acquaintance with Kyiv to the reliable and friendly local tour guide.