Museum of Corruption with entrance inside palace Private tour to Mezhyhirya – the residence of Viktor Yanukovych, ex-president of Ukraine in
kiev food tour
Delicious Kyiv: Ukrainian Wine & Appetizers Tour Feast your eyes on this foodie walking tour, which reveals the flavors of
Explore the highlights of Kyiv on this 3-hour walking tour: top attractions and hidden spots. Itinerary of the 3-hour Kyiv
Explore Soviet-era architectural legacy in Kyiv Duration: 3-3,5 hoursType of tour: Walking tour*After 3 hours, each additional hour of the
Kiev Nightlife Get the party started! It's gonna be fun! And when the darkness settles over the city, it's high
Jewish Kyiv Tour Duration: 4 hoursType of tour: Walking Tour Visit Jewish heritage places in Kyiv The Jews appeared in
Private Photography Kyiv Tour Bring back exclusive pictures from your Kyiv trip! Duration: 1,5 hourType of tour: walking tour Preserve
The Most Powerful Kyiv Spots Explore powerful energetic spots of ancient Kyiv. Duration: 3 hoursType of tour: Walking tour Kyiv
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