Summer Weekend of the Inhabitants of the Left Bank of Kyiv

Summer weekend on the Left Bank of Kyiv

Today I would like to show you how Kyivans spend their summer weekend. But you will not see the familiar city center sites and touristic places. That’s not one of my Kiev guided tours, I just want to show you the other Kyiv, the less famous – left bank area of the city. As I myself live in one of the left bank districts, I decided to tell you about one typical summer Saturday of Kyivans.

The pictures below were taken by me on one of the left bank lakes’ areas. The lake Telbin is not very big, its area is 1.8 square kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake is 7 meters. It’s really nice to swim there – the lake is deep and quite large, with a pleasant landscape – flowering limes, floating ducks. The beach and recreation zone are well developed. It is possible to rent a boat or catamaran. Around the lake is laid the only in Kyiv special running track. Dozens of joggers run there every day. There are volleyball, football and tennis fields. Also children’s playgrounds and training and weight-lifting equipment.

Sunbathing Kyivans.
The church near the beach looks amazing.
Lifeguard tower right on the beach.
Someone has his boxing training.
One of the volleyball courts. Kyiv tournaments are often held here.
The only special running track in Kyiv.
People here really like exercising and training.
What about fishing?
kyiv summerukraine-private-tour-guide
In the evening the fountain in the lake is illuminated.

The life on the left bank of Kyiv may seem not that vibrant, busy and posh as on the right bank. It’s slow paced, calm, unsophisticated. In summer it’s a real pleasure to spend time here. On weekends Kyivans usually spend time with their families, so that on the new working week they are ready for the new challenges!


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