What to expect from a trip to Kyiv in 2021

Traveling to Ukraine in summer 2021

Speaking about tourism in summer 2021, as a Kiev private tour guide, I was encouraged by the fact that I had a lot of tour bookings. Surely, it’s still far from pre-covid times but, certainly, so much better than 2020… The reason Ukraine has been a popular destination for travelers from all over the world is due to mild restrictions entering the country and adecrease in the number of new covid cases and deaths throughout the summer.

Another unexpected factor that played a great role in the spike in tourism in Ukraine was the influx of tourists from Saudi Arabia. This relatively new category of travelers is attracted to Ukraine by a visa-free regime started in August last year and cheap direct flights. And we totally understand that for people coming from arid conditions greenery, water reservoirs, and natural preserves of Ukraine are a big draw.


  • Rules of entry to Ukraine 2021
  • Why travelers enjoy visiting Kyiv
  • What you can expect from visiting Kyiv today
  • Kyiv is unspoiled by tourist masses

Current rules of entry to Ukraine

Due to the overall situation with the decrease of covid cases and soft entry rules, Ukraine has become one of the most visited countries by travelers in summer 2021. Please check in the next paragraph the current rules of entry to Ukraine according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 954 with the latest amendments dated September 13, 2021. 

All foreign citizens regardless of the country of arrival to enter Ukraine must have a policy of insurance issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine that covers the costs related to the treatment of COVID-19. Another mandatory document is one of the following: 1) a document or COVID certificate confirming receipt of one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine included by WHO, 2) or a negative PCR test result or rapid test that was done no more than 72 hours before entry.

Why travelers enjoyed visiting Kyiv

Based on the opinions of travelers whom I’ve been guiding in Kyiv after the covid restrictions were lifted, I will gladly share with you their thoughts. They are listed below:

  • Beautiful, clean, dynamic, and vivid city
  • Various authentic architecture from different epochs
  • Safety feeling everywhere
  • People that you see around are mostly young generations
  • Great variety of international cuisines restaurants
  • Food is delicious whether it’s a high-end restaurant or self-service canteen
  • Cafes pastries at every corner 
  • Very affordable prices
  • It feels the city never sleeps
  • Beer lovers will be happy here

The most popular tours were Full Day Kyiv Private Tour and Ukrainian Wine and Appetizers Tasting Tour. My guests also were amazed when visiting Mezhyhirya Residence Tour and Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery and Caves Tour.

Travel expectations from visiting Kyiv


Whatever your travel expectations are – they can be satisfied in the Ukrainian capital. You won’t go broke at the end of the day after having several meals in good restaurants and a cocktail or beer in a nice bar. Prices are low compared to other European capitals. While low prices in Kyiv do not mean poor service and quality. You will be delighted by the high quality-price ratio.

Of great interest for foreign guests must be trying traditional Ukrainiandishes. A special peculiarity of Ukrainian cuisine is the usage of primarily local products, such as meat, potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, and herbs. Meat plays an important role in Ukrainian cuisine. The most favorite is the pork meat, but also beef and mutton, poultry, and rabbit’s meat are widely used in national dishes.

What I may definitely recommend, except the Ukrainian cuisine, pop in Georgian or Crimean Tatar restaurants. These cuisines are incredibly popular in Kyiv and you will want to come back there for another lunch.


Aside from thecool foodie scene, Kyiv offers superb architecture. The architecture of Kyiv will amaze any picky tourist. Strolling along cozy Kyiv streets, you will appreciate various architectural styles from different epochs: baroque, art deco, modern, stalinist empire, soviet. Keep in mind, discovering architectural gems of Kyiv may take more than a day since the most interesting buildings are located in different parts of the city.

First and foremost, you will admire golden-domed Christian Orthodox cathedrals and monasteries. Kyiv is a cradle of the East Slavic Christian Orthodox world. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra along with St.Sophia Cathedral are the two sites in Kyiv that make part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Both sites were founded in the 11th century and have mainly been preserved over the centuries. On a Full Day Kyiv Private Tour, I definitely take my guests to beautiful and ancient landmarks.


If you are worried about your safety, please don’t be. Cause Kyiv nowadays is safer than many other European cities. Hiring a Kiev private guide is a great option to go off the beaten track and discover its more authentic side.At present time, there can be two main reasons for concern.The COVID-19 restrictions and the ongoing hostilities in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk.

Current rules of entry to Ukraine with COVID-19 restrictions I already mentioned at the beginning of the article.Another reason for concern, it’s the ongoing hostilities in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk which cast a shadow over the entire country. Visiting those territories is not recommended for tourist trips, I would say – better postpone these trips.

Hidden gem of Eastern Europe

Kyiv is big, diverse, and unspoiled by the tourist masses. Without a doubt, it can satisfy the most demanding travelers. I haven’t yet mentioned the fabulous Kyiv nightlife, beautiful gardens and landscaped parks, various art galleries, and museums. Ukrainian capital has a big touristic potential that with years will only increase and become one of the most popular cities for traveling in Eastern Europe.

So start preparing for a wonderful and unforgettable trip to Kyiv. Whether you want to discover it with a private tour guide, or on your own, I can guarantee that you will not regret it! Traveling to the capital of Ukraine can be a real offbeat European adventure, like nowhere else.

About the author

Hello! My name is Victoria, I’m a private tour guide in Kyiv, and fingers and lens behind this blog. If you plan a trip to the Ukrainian capital, I would be happy to customize your perfect Kyiv private tour. I can create a private tour of Kyiv on a wide range of topics from ancient times to Soviet-era Kyiv, architecture and street art, and local gastronomy.

Just tell me your ideas and I will design a tour built around a theme of particular interest that you wish to learn more about. I will take great professional care of you, making your visit one to remember.

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  1. hello Victoria, me and a friend are visiting Kyiv in mid october from the UK and would love to know the best places to eat in the city! I looked at your tours. It looks amazing. Also we like craft local beer so nice bar / club reccomendations welcome. Thankyou

  2. Hi! I am vusiting Kyiv alone in mid october and I wanted to know if things are open! I am travelling from Argentina, with a previos stop in Barcelona. Do I have to be in quarantine?

    1. Hi Juan! Great plans! Welcome to Kyiv! No need to be quarantined if you have covid certificate with one or two shots, or a negative pcr test that was done 72 hours before entering Ukraine.

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