Tour of Aristocratic Kyiv Mansions

Kyiv Nobility Mansions Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Type of tour:
Walking Tour
Price: €65 for 2-persons

Aristocratic Lipki mansions keep many secrets of their former inhabitants – bankers, entrepreneurs, sugar- manufacturers. Given the fact that Kiev was the “sugar capital” of the Russian Empire, it is not surprising that the most luxurious Kiev mansions belonged to the sugar manufacturers. Mariinsky and Klovsky Palaces, House of  Weeping Widow, Pink Castle and Chocolate House will slightly open you their secrets on this tour.

Attractions seen on this tour

  • House with Chimeras
  • Liberman mansion
  • House of Weeping Widow
  • Klovsky Palace
  • Bunge municipal primary school
  • Rental house of merchant A. Bubnov
  • Arab house or Kowalewski mansion
  • Chocolate house
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Pink castle
  • Mariinsky palace
  • Mariinsky park

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