Kiev City Guide

Welcome to Kyiv

Capital of Ukraine, magnificent Kyiv majestically stands on the picturesque hills of the Dnipro river. Golden domes of dazzling cathedrals, broad green riverbanks, various monumental architecture, and friendly locals will never leave you indifferent.

Ukrainians have always been proud of their capital. More than one thousand years have passed since the foundation of Kyiv. Thousands of tourists come to the capital of Ukraine every year in search of spiritual enlightenment. Without a doubt – it’s a magical city, it’s a city with a soul.

The Cradle of East Slavic Civilization

According to historical records and results of archeological excavations, the first urban settlements on the territory of modern Kyiv appeared in the 5th century A.D. And later on, it became the center of gravitation for the creation of East Slavic states. Kyiv was not inferior to Rome or Athens. It was the capital of the powerful state – Kyivan Rus. By the 11th century, it was the largest and prosperous state in Eastern Europe.

The wealth and political influence of Kyiv was associated with the trade. The city stood at the crossroads of the international trade route – “from the Vikings to the Greeks”, from the Baltic to Constantinople, and was included in the medieval world net of trade.

The 11th-12th centuries are considered to be the most prosperous in the history of Kyiv, despite the fact that hard times had already come to the Kyivan Rus. The rapid development of Kyiv was stopped by the Mongol invasion. In 1240, the city was destroyed and robbed.

Taking into account the ancient past of the city, we realize that it possesses priceless historical, cultural, architectural heritage. There are 3736 state-protected monuments of archeology, history, architecture, urban planning, monumental art. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and St.Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings are two sites in Kiev that make part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What to See in Kiev

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Aren’t you already convinced, Ukrainian capital, ancient and beautiful city is worthy of the tourist’s attention! Do not hesitate, come and learn more about it.