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In search of interesting and friendly Kiev guided tours?

Let me be your tour guide in Kiev!

It goes without saying, you want your visit to Kiev to be perfect. And surely you may wonder how to get organized, how much to program, and what to see and do.

My pleasure will be to create a Kiev private tour based on your preferences and wishes. And on the big day, a caring tour guide will be with you at all times. No worries. Just relax and enjoy it.

Check the pre-designed tours below. If none of them fits your needs, I’d be happy to develop a personalized tailor-made tour. Just let me know your ideas and I draw up a Kiev tour itinerary that completely meets your expectations.

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One Day Kiev Tour


All the big sites and many of the ‘secret’ ones in One Day Kiev tour.

This tour will give you a real chance to get under the skin of this amazing city. Discover the roots of Kiev’s past. Experience modern Kiev, like Kievan. On foot, by metro, this tour will give you an overview of one of the most exciting cities in the world. One Day Kiev Tour is the best option for tourists who visit the Ukrainian capital in a short period of time and want to see all the essential sights of the city.

 2 Days Kiev Private Tour


Discover Kiev in two days with a local guide.

On a leisurely two days walking tour with a local Kiev private guide, you’ll discover the main landmarks and favorite spots of the Kievans. Architecture, history, parks, culture, gastronomy… all at your fingertips! I pick you up at the hotel at the time that fits you better and we walk at the pace that suits you most, making stops and coffee breaks whenever you wish.

Old Town Kiev Tour


The best of Ancient Kiev – Mother of Rus cities.

Explore the highlights of Ancient Kiev with a private guide during this 4-hour walking tour. Enjoy the personal attention of your knowledgeable tour guide as you walk along the Kiev Old Town area and Podil. See top attractions as well as some hidden gems, and get insider tips from your guide. In case you decide to get to know the city deeper, there is an option of a full-day tour.

Kyiv Food Tour


Get to know Kyiv through its authentic cuisine.

Entrust your food experience to the professional Kiev tour guide and be ready to learn: What is “borscht” made of? How many different fillings can have “varenyki”? What sweet mistake gave birth to the legendary “Kyiv cake”?

Kyiv in 3 Hours – Main Sights and Hidden Gems

kiev -private-guide

Explore the highlights of Kyiv with a passionate private guide during this 3-hour walking tour: top attractions and hidden spots! On this tour, you will taste delicious typical Ukrainian snacks. You will admire stunning views of the city.

Custom Kiev Tour


Let me customize your perfect Kiev tour!

Just let me know your ideas and I will design a custom tour built around a theme of particular interest that you wish to learn more about. I will take great professional care of you, making your visit one to remember. Please inform me about your preferences at myukraine4u (@)

WWII Museum Tour


Second World War Museum and Motherland Statue.

National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War counts 400 thousand exhibit items. There is also an exposition located in the open area. It presents to visitors samples of military vehicles of World War II, military equipment of the postwar period.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Tour


Kiev Monastery of the Caves.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the caves are buried relics of the Lavra monks-ascetics who lived in the period from the XI till XV centuries. It is with the Far Caves, where the relics of 49 saints are kept, began the history of the monastery. At the end of the XVII century in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was held a grand stone construction.

Soviet Kiev Tour


On this Soviet Kiev tour under the guidance of the Kiev private guide, you will discover the most impressive and grand constructions of the Soviet era. Kiev was the third important city of the Soviet Union after Moscow and Leningrad. Thus, the Soviet government left its architectural legacy throughout the whole city.

Kiev Murals Street Art Tour


For the past 2 years, on the outer walls of Kiev buildings have appeared bright and large-scale drawings – Kiev Murals, which some people consider real works of art, and others criticize and call them provincial art.

Aristocratic Pechersk Mansions


Mansions of Ukrainian tycoons of the 19 century.

Tour around Lipki area – the historic district of Kiev, which has long gained the glory of the “nest” of the Kiev elite and the residence of the highest local administration. Given the fact that Kiev was the “sugar capital” of the Russian Empire, it is not surprising that the most luxurious Kiev mansions belonged to the sugar manufacturers. Mariinsky and Klovsky Palaces, House of  Weeping Widow, Pink Castle, and Chocolate House will slightly open you their secrets

Jewish Heritage Tour

Who was the first of the Jews to appear in Kyiv and when it was – we don’t know. The most ancient stage of the appearance of Jews on this land is hidden in the depths of centuries. However, it is known that in the 9th century there was a large Jewish settlement under the ramparts in the area of one of the gates to the city.

Why hire a private tour guide in Kiev?

Why hiring a local guide in Kiev is a smart way to discover the Ukrainian capital. The first thought that pops up in mind is that a traveler will definitely learn more on a guided tour of a local Kiev guide than alone.

Indeed, discovering a new place with a local tour guide can give a true perspective on that specific destination. It is like looking at artwork. A naked eye can’t read art in its true meaning. But a professional can guide you through all the dimensions that will completely open it for your comprehension. ⠀

Countries of Southern Europe are oceans of history. You will definitely miss most of it if exploring it on your own. Same with the countries of the Eastern bloc.

On top of the fact that this part of the world was closed and almost inaccessible for the Westerners for about 70 years, it also has a lot of baffling things for foreigners – like the Cyrillic alphabet, almost zero English speaking population, specific mentality, and authentic culture. ⠀

Does it mean that you can’t travel to Ukraine without a tour guide? Not at all! Many travelers enjoy discovering places on their own. Every trip is an adventure! But please, always keep in mind that a local tour guide can open doors that you never knew were there.

Now back to sightseeing in the Ukrainian capital. Kiev downtown is located on the hilly right bank of the city, and many places on the map seem to be easy to get. Although, in reality, it appears quite complicated in some areas. There are lots of descents, up and down routes all around the central area. A knowledgeable local Kiev tour guide will be more than helpful in taking you along the most comfortable routes.

During a guided tour a tourist gets essential insider information from a private guide that he would never get had he toured the site himself. A traveler will save a huge amount of time because a local Kiev tour guide obviously knows the quickest way to get to any place, the cheapest but tasty place to eat, the most beautiful but hidden spot in the city.

As it is known, all street signs in Kiev are in Cyrillic, and Ukrainians do not speak English as well as in other European countries, thus, a tourist would definitely feel more comfortable in the company of a private guide.

And one more good news is that prices for Kiev private tours are lower compared with the rates in other European countries. Ukrainians are friendly people. You will certainly acquire a new friend in the person of your private guide after the Kiev guided tour! 

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