Holosiivskyi district

The largest district by area in Kiev – 156,35 sq.km. Its territory begins almost from Khreschatyk Street and extends to the southern and western borders of Kiev. The biggest part of the district is a green area, there is a Holosiivkyi forest, Feofania – park-monument of landscape art, Pirohiv ( or Pirogovo) – a village, which now serves as an outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Folkways of Ukraine and the actual forest area of about 780 hectares.

Metro stations:

  • Line 2«Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo»
  • Line 2«Olimpiiska»
  • Line 2«Palats “Ukrayina”»
  • Line 2«Lybids’ka»
  • Line 2«Demiivs’ka»
  • Line 2«Golosiivs’ka»
  • Line 2«Vasylkivs’ka»
  • Line 2«Vystavkovyj centr»