Obolon’skyi District

The name “Obolon” derives from the Old Slavonic “bolon”, which means “flood plain”. The district is actually located on alluvial soils.

The main building of the territory was carried out on the ’70th of the 20th century. Due to the composition of the soil at the time, the majority of the buildings were at most nine-stories tall.

With the second construction period (2000–2005) new, comfortable apartment buildings were constructed closer to the Dnieper river and has become an attractive residential area.

There is a yachting club, a modern Golf Center, “Obolon'” beer factory.

Being close to the Dnieper river, Obolon is a popular relaxation place for Kiev residents.

On one of the bays, right behind the yacht club, there is a nudist beach.  Despite the fact that it takes half an hour to get to the beach from the bus stop, it is always crowded.

Metro stations:

  • Line 2«Petrivka»
  • Line 2«Obolon»
  • Line 2«Minska»
  • Line 2«Geroiv Dnipra»