Pecherskyi district

The smallest by area and population Kiev district, located in the central part of the capital on the right bank of the Dnieper.

The most common version of its name – Pechersk – is connected with the caves which is in Ukrainian “pechery“. The caves had already existed there long before the appearance of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the outstanding monastery complex, one of the biggest wonders of Ukraine.

As expected from the city center, on its territory are located the main institutions and offices of the Ukrainian government: the Presidential Administration, the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Bank, the Prosecutor’s Office etc. The most expensive real estate, luxury apartments,  posh properties.

Metro Stations:

  • Line 1«Dnipro»
  • Line 1«Arsenalna»
  • Line 1«Hreshhatyk»
  • Line 2«Majdan Nezalezhnosti»
  • Line 3«Palac sportu»
  • Line 3«Klovska»
  • Line 3«Pecherska»
  • Line 3«Druzhby narodiv»