Shevchenkivskyi district

District named after Taras Shevchenko

A prominent Ukrainian poet and writer (1814-1861), “Kobzar”.

One more central district, which is not less historically significant than Pechersk. Kiev, as the center of Kievan Rus, was founded on this territory.

It’s the only district that bears a name of an outstanding Ukrainian. The names of all the rest districts are connected with geographical location.

Here you can observe the famous Golden Gate, the main entrance to the medieval Kiev; the famous cathedrals of the city: Saint Sophia, Saint Michail, Saint Andrew, Saint Volodymyr.

The district also contains 72 cultural institutions: 8 theaters (including the National Opera of Ukraine), cinemas, museums, houses of culture, galleries, Kiev Zoo, National Circus of Ukraine.

Hundreds of monuments of history, culture, architecture and archeology and, of course, the main street of the city – Khreshchstyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti ( Independence Square). The latter was the site of Euromaidan protests in 2013-2014 and Orange revolution in 2004.

Metro Stations:

  • Line 1«Teatralna»
  • Line 3«Zoloti Vorota»
  • Line 1«Universytet»
  • Line 1«Vokzalna»
  • Line 1«Politekhnichnyi Instytut»
  • Line 1«Shuliavska»
  • Line 1«Beresteiska»
  • Line 1«Nyvky»