Private Group Tours

Customized Group Tours of Kyiv

If you plan to bring your private group to Kyiv and look for a local expert Kyiv tour guide, I will be happy to design a special tour for your group! I’m well aware that private group travel is the ultimate way to see the destination how you want. Choose what you want to see, where you want to go, and when you want to do it.

With a personal local tour guide to show you around, your group will get an exclusive insider’s perspective on the destination you visit. Just contact me providing me with a list of all your interests, needs, and any other particulars –and I will create a customized tour itinerary for your group, taking into account all the important details. 

Tailored Itinerary

If you have already put together an itinerary, I’m here to assist! With great pleasure, I will give you my recommendations and tips on how to organize it all in the most suitable way for your group. I may complement your customized tour with ideas that you perhaps never even thought of. Because I’m a local expert guide in Kyiv, I know the city and the routes, and places of interest that may impress your group of travelers.

I have experience with arranging different types of Kyiv tours for private groups, families, groups of friends from all over the world. Even if you fancy something more specific and need some help planning your holiday in Kyiv, you may definitely rely on me. Get in touch and let’s create an unforgettable experience for your group!

Private Kyiv Group Tours