How Can Ukrainians Find a Job in the United States of America? 

Discover how can Ukrainians find a job in the United States of America. Follow this guide on how to find new work safely in a new home. 

With the crisis in Ukraine reaching a boiling point, many refugees from this country will be seeking a new home and new opportunities. Some of them have uprooted their entire lives just to find a place to be safe. They will need money and support during troubling times, which is why we have included a helpful guide on how to find work in the US. Using job sites such as Jooble can help you find easy offers to get yourself a quick paycheck. There are even long-term plans to get yourself a decent salary to live on. Here are steps which you can follow: 

Start with a Resume

The quickest way to get yourself prepared is to make yourself a resume. For those from Ukraine or not from the US, a resume is a document you provide to employers. It will detail all of your important skills, previous work experience, qualifications from education, and even side projects you have worked on. It will be the first thing your employer will notice when you apply for a job. It will make the initial first impression of who you are as an employee and what you can bring to the job. 

You can design a resume online with some very easy tools. If you are running on limited resources, you can simply make a Word document and put in your information. The design doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it does need to be simple to read. Try not to overflow the resume with paragraphs of information. All you need to do is put in a little bit about yourself and highlight the most important skills for the job. Try to work out what skills can relate mostly to the job you are applying for. Place these skills front and center so that you can prove you have what is needed. 

Make an Account on Job Sites

Once you have a resume, you have the basic requirements needed in applying for work. The place where you can grab the most offers available is online. Job sites are designed to find hundreds of offers available that you can easily search through. You can use a special filter to make finding the right job for you even easier. You can search from a location as well, making it easier to find work that is closer to you or your family. 

When searching for a job, you can easily create an application by following the on-screen instructions. You can automatically set up your application to include your resume. This is done by creating your own account and including more information for applications. This will include setting up a cover letter as well. Cover letters allow you to include a more personalized letter to the employer so that you can make your case more profound. You may have to make a cover letter for each specific application so that you can grab the employer’s attention much sooner.

Handling an Interview

If your application ever goes through, you may be contacted to do an interview. It is at this point where you may be expected to at least know the English language or have some method of effective communication. It is stated that up to 11% of the Ukrainian population speaks English. However, English literacy is taught in their schools as it is very dependent on work occupations. A lot of the younger generation will be expected to speak English, so it makes it easier for interviews. There are some translation tools you can use for interviews that are held online. This can be from chat messages or using a real translator for the discussion.

When in an interview, be sure to have all of the necessary answers memorized for possible questions. Try to come prepared as much as you can and remember to speak calmly. If you explain that you are a Ukrainian refugee, you may be given more leeway with certain jobs. There is currently a labor shortage happening in the US. This means that more people willing to work will help many American businesses. As long as you prove you are willing to put in the work and show the necessary qualifications, a business will be happy to take them on.  Examples of labor work are: 

  • Construction worker
  • Technician
  • Engineer
  • Cleaner
  • Plumber

Legal Aspects and Visa

By having refugee status, you may be qualified for temporary work authorization. This means that even if you don’t have full citizenship yet, you will still be given access to work opportunities. This is something that will be talked about in job applications when you apply for work. Temporary work authorization does not lead to eventual full citizenship. This is something that must be done separately to acquire a visa for work. However, this solution can provide temporary relief before that can happen if you are in desperate need of money right now.

When employing refugees, the company you could work for is ordered by law to follow all rules on tax and immigration. While they may not be able to favor hiring those from Ukraine, it can help push them in the right direction. If you need any help with legal issues or how to find work safely, you can always ask your counselor or city-state for any questions. The more you understand, the better situated you will be to find the job you prefer most.

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