Top 7 Things to Do in Kyiv

Top 7 Things to Do in Kyiv

The capital of Ukraine Kyiv – is a very beautiful city. It is visited by many guests from all over the world. Even now, in these difficult times for Ukraine, tourists continue to come to admire the beauty of the city and feel the Ukrainian authentic flavor.

Kyiv is an unexpected and very diverse city. One thing is clear – this is a city with a soul. No matter how many times you’ve visited it, there always are dozens of surprises for you. I decided to help you and compiled a list of seven interesting things, which must be done in Kyiv.

    1. Admire the marvelous St.Andrew’s Church.
      Have a walk along the Andrew’s decent and admire St.Andrew’s Church – a pearl of Ukrainian baroque of the 18th century. St. Andrew’s Church was built on the order of the Russian Empress Elizabeth as part of the royal residence of the Tsar palace.
      The construction of St. Andrew’s Church is included by the world community in the catalog “1000 miracles of the world. And also “Masterpieces of Humanity of the Five Continents “, issued in Germany in 2002.
    2. Get on top of the Great Lavra Bell Tower.
      Visit Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Caves and Monastery complex. That will be an absolutely fascinating experience in your life. Walk through the dark, narrow caves, see numerous glass cases with the relics of the monks and saints who dedicated their lives to this monastery. You will see the orthodox pilgrims who pray and kiss the glass displays before moving on to the next chamber.
      But after seeing the caves, go and get on top of the Great Lavra Bell Tower. It is the highest among all the bell towers in Kyiv – 100 meters high. The view of the city which will open to you from the top of it will blow your mind away.
    3. Grab a coffee from the red tram in Taras Shevchenko Park.
      Experience a wonderful atmosphere in a beautifully maintained Taras Shevchenko Park right in the middle of the city. Opposite the park is all red Kyiv Shevchenko University with its impressive architecture. Relax on one of the many unusual benches or lounge chairs at the fountain. Dive into the Kyiv city life. But first, grab the tastiest coffee from the red tram. Have any of your favorite – caffe latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato –  and enjoy strolling in the park.
    4. The bravest are welcome to climb up the Statue of Motherland.
      The famous must-see landmark – Statue of Motherland (“Rodina Mat”) will impress you on multiple levels. The most noticeable part of the Kyiv World War II Museum is visible far from a distance. When you get closer to it, it will appear even more impressive. But nothing can beat the view from the shield of the statue (92m height). It is worthwhile to get here for adrenaline and beautiful pictures.
    5. Experience a majestic aura of one thousand years long in St.Sophia Cathedral.
      It’s a shame if you were in Kyiv and didn’t visit the St.Sophia Cathedral. Not only because it is included in the Unesco World Heritage list. The major asset of this site resides in the enclosed in it majestic aura of more than thousand years. The cathedral survived several epochs. The gorgeous ornamentation: original mosaics and frescos of the 11th century will take you back in time. I strongly recommend getting inside this marvelous landmark.
    6. Have a ride in the deepest metro station in the world – “Arsenalna”.
      After you’ve seen Kyiv from 100 meters height of the Statue of Motherland, it’s time to have a never- ending deep escalator ride to the underground of Kyiv. The Arsenalna Metro Station was constructed 105,5 meters well beneath the Dnipro river, making it the deepest station in the world.
      One more ride – by the Kyiv funicular – a shorter one but fun, should be on every tourist’s list of fascinating things to explore. It connects the historic upper town to the lower Podil area through the steep hill and gives you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking scenery of Kyiv and also view the Dnipro River.
    7. Taste and smell Kyiv in the oldest covered Bessarabka market.
      Go to the covered Bessarabka market right at the end of Khreschatyk Street. You will taste, drink, and smell the city. Not only it is the perfect place to stock up on fresh foods for your hotel or apartment, but the atmosphere of this famous market is something to experience. The pretty Ukrainian saleswomen heartily give you samples of their products. You walked around the whole market? You do not need your lunch for today!

A good idea will be to read Ukraine travel guide book  – “Insane Ukraine” before your trip to Ukraine to get exclusive local insights and tips. Do not hesitate! Come and discover amazing Kyiv! In case you decide to book any of my Kiev tours, I would be glad to include the sites on the tour route.


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  1. Victoria – your site is very, very helpful. So nicely done. I will be traveling to Kyiv in June by myself. I will be meeting a girlfriend. Just friends currently. I feel much more comfortable about my travel to your country and city now. I will read everything on your site. Thank you for all your great effort in providing all this great information. I can’t wait to see Kyiv!

    1. Thank you very much, Jeff for the response! I’m glad if you find any useful and helpful information here!
      June is a nice time for coming to Kyiv! You will definitely love this trip)

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